A new year with fresh beginnings, we are sure you must be planning the destinations to visit in this year ahead. While the news and the events that takes place across the globe has major impact on our choice of destinations, we hereby give you the list of top 10 destinations to travel around the globe in this new year 2020.

top 10 destinations to travel around the globe in this new year 2020:

1.Prince Edward Island located in Canada

With the country celebrating its 150th birth anniversary this year, there can be no other place but the birthplace of this nation – Prince Edward Island which is not to be missed. Island has rocky red shores and perfect picturesque villages for fishing, which was very well shown in the production of classic “Anne of Green Gables”.One of the highlights in this area is the Charlottetown Province House – the government building where the conference took place in the year 1864.

2.35th America’s Cup Race at Bermuda

America’s Cup Race at Bermuda

The America’s Cup, which started in 1851 will be first time happening in Bermuda’s Great Sound in the months of May and June this year. So why not visit the place and enjoy the live show of the challengers playing against the champions ORACLE USA.


The South American nation expects Pope Francis a visit this year. With this news, the peace agreement has helped the place to have more visitors in 2018. A few on the must visit list of Columbia are the sizzling bean-to-coffee show in Bogota, lovely sophisticated architecture in Medellin and not to forget the ancient defensive fortifications of Cartagena from 16th century.


4.Penang, Malaysia

Penang Malaysia

Malaysia’s Penang celebrates 60 years birthday in 2018.The place is known as Asia’s one of the best street food destination, the best way to celebrate a birthday is by their food. They offer a traditional mix of Malay, Indian as well as Chinese dishes along with the fusion cuisines like Peranakan etc. And the best place to have these lovely dishes are the hawker centers and shop houses located in George Town.
Apart from the food, what you can combine in your trip is the visit to their historic buildings like the English colonial mansions to Chinese shop places and Islamic mosques.


The place has always been famous for its wildlife and whisky along with its welcoming nature. In 2018, the offers all the more reason to be visited with its new attraction of North Coast 500, a new road trip route created through the Highlands. The route gives you the enjoyment to pass the white sand beaches as well as the countries best surf spots. Glasgow is one of the best places of the country to visit for culinary experience.
Along with this, all the more reason is the completion of 20 years of first Harry Potter book. The Harry Potter fans can hop on the Jacobite Steam Train (famously known as the Howgwarts Express) for a magical experience through the mountains and freshwaters.




Finland celebrates its 100 years of independence in 2018 making it a place for must visit. The attractions like the art and design exhibitions will pay a homage to the country’s visitors and worlds happiest country. The place is also expecting to see a wide range of Nordic sporting competitions, a number of music festivals, the famous world’s largest snow restaurant and a outstanding opening of Finland’s fortieth national park Hossa.



If you are a wildlife fan then you must know that 75 percent of the species found in Madagascar, don’t exist anywhere else across the globe. The opening of Miavana on the island of Nosy Ankao adds to the reason of visiting the place for exploring the wildlife all the more. The new property will reinvent the experience of safari.


Slowly and steadily the continent’s most overlooked place has now become the most desirable tourism destination for adventure with the help of last years World Travel Awards. The place is packed with biodiversity, topographies as well as ecosystems, along with having 36 national parks. The place has all the extreme environments at one place – from desserts to subpolar islands.



Another country worth visiting is Georgia because of it’s recent buzz about the great wine scene. Along with this stellar bottle of vino being one of the reasons, the capital Tbilisi attracts the visitors being one of the coolest hubs. The superbly designed Rooms Hotel is a worth visiting and staying for exploring the city’s art, music and food. A must visit local music venue is Bassiani where plays the world’s finest electric music performers.


10.Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument, US

These places became the National Park Service site in August 2016. The 87000 acre monument has already open and is said to be a worth visiting place. With the donation of $80 million worth of funds and land area, the park monument promises not to disappoint you with continuous new additions and improvements.

Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument, US

Thus, the above mentioned top 10 destinations to travel around the globe gives you good reasons to plan your holidays in 2018 with the best of the world’s celebrations.

That’s because Burt’s Bees co-founder and philanthropist Roxanne Quimby’s foundation donated $80 million worth of land and funds to the park service with assistance from the National Park Foundation, with promises of $20 million more.