Amsterdam means all things exciting. The city was the first one to decriminalize smoking hash and marijuana; however, it is yet to provide legal framework to such practices. This is why; the coffee shops offering smoking facility are under constant scrutiny and people are allowed to enter those only after thorough checks. Those people who come to Amsterdam can find about 250 coffee shops that allow smoking and are a great pretext for enjoying the high life of this city. But, your high life experience will be more fun if you acquaint yourself with certain spoken and unspoken rules pertaining to asking for a joint or sharing it.

a. Always ask for the menu beforehand: All coffee shops offering hash and marijuana may have lots of options. So, make it a point to ask for the menu first and take help of the staff to know about the effect as well as the price. Please remember higher the quality, higher the price.

b. Know about smoke-free highs: The space cakes of Amsterdam are popular everywhere. For the uninitiated, these are baked products made using cannabutter and certain percentage of marijuana leaves. Thus, the effect of these cakes is long lasting; thus, spare yourself some 4-5 hours if you choose to try it.

c. Blend with the locals: The real experience lies in smoking joints with locals. How they do it, what material they are provided with are some of the revelations that are bound to make you a fan of Dutch style smoking. Don’t hesitate to ask for rolling papers; some tips from the experienced are sure to follow. Sometimes, you may be having the grass of your own. In this case, you still can grab a seat in any of the smoking coffee shops; but the best behavior is to buy yourself a drink from there. Also, if you are new to making joints, pre-rolled options are also available.

d. Know about smoking apartments: You may be travelling in group or need some privacy while enjoying your joint. High life lovers must ask for Amsterdam smoking apartments for a short stay where they can enjoy their puffs the way they want. People travelling in group and not interested in attracting much attention can enjoy the confines of these apartments and have gala time with the like-minded people. These apartments have all the arrangements for 5-6 hour long mental party and offer you exceptional services and hospitality.

e. Get clarity on menu: If you want to try everything and not regret later on missing out something, take time in understanding the menu. Learn the difference between, marijuana, hash and other hybrid weeds and find about the quality and corresponding prices. All such information is available strictly on request. So, be very straightforward in your questions and talk about these only when the staff looks comfortable and welcoming.

You may find lot of frisking and probing once you choose any of the coffee-shops famous for providing joints. So, be prepared for it and co-operate fully to avoid any unpleasant experience.