Amsterdam housing market is not so vivacious and welcoming as the attitude of the people is. It is a hard, but good to accept fact. So, it is essential to learn about the Amsterdam rentals before you go out hunting for the most suitable one. The search would be tough and even after have found the one, it is better to stay mentally prepared for frequent changes and shifting. Amsterdam has some clearly defined rules about rentals and so, sooner you learn those, better for you.

  1. Price range of rentals

Rental apartments in Amsterdam can be 1 room, 2 room or studio apartments. If you are single and not earning great, you will never be allowed to rent more than 1 room apartment. The price range varies from 650 Euros a month to 800 Euros a month. If luck smiles at you, the chances of getting a studio in central location will require you shell out 1000 Euros a month. Shared apartments and rooms at negotiable rents are available, but it is necessary to understand that sub-letting without the landlord’s permission is not counted as sharing. It is an offence and the renter may be evicted on getting caught.

  1. Paperwork

The paperwork for expats looking for rentals is less and faster done. The residents shopping for rented apartments have to be prepared with extensive paperwork and the process is lengthier too. Thus, when you opt for rental apartments in Amsterdam; start preparing for it, well in advance.

  1. Concept of social housing

There is a concept of social housing available for the people who fall a certain bracket of income. The waiting time is very long; as an expat, one can never expect social housing granted to them. The rentals of social housing are 700 Euros approx a month. A huge list of conditions needs to be cleared for availing social housing.

  1. Furnished or semi-furnished

Knowing what you are going to pay for is good for sound decision making. A furnished apartment on rent means you are provided with kitchen appliances, furniture and floors. The flooring here is thin and so all sound-proofing is done by the owner and is considered a part of offering. Damages should be avoided while using furniture.

Amsterdam Rentals

Semi-furnished means houses with no kitchen appliances and furniture. A painted house with flooring done is considered semi-furnished. At the most, a fridge may be provided in the kitchen.

  1. Pet-friendliness

Amsterdam is not a place meant for moving with pets. The problem of mice is prevalent and so, keeping cats can be a big mess. Also, the apartments with facility for keeping dogs are a rarity.

  1. Inclusive or exclusive

Inclusive means many of the expenses such as city taxes and other few aspects are included in the rent. However, gas and electricity are still not included. Only expats are provided with inclusive rent structure. Exclusive means all expenses apart from rent need be borne by the tenant.

So, renting in Amsterdam is not so easy. It is, therefore, necessary to be prepared or wish that the housing issues are taken care of by the company you work for if you are in job.