The Indian government recently implemented a strict guideline to disallow the production of BS-III vehicles and engines. To comply with this new emission norm, all automobile companies had to sell their existing BS-III engine vehicles before the deadline. To manage the significant losses incurred during this period, automobile companies provided discounts to attract customers.

After five months of the implementation of the new emission norm, Yamaha became the first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to launch BS-VI compliant motorcycles. Yamaha announced the launch of its BS-VI 149cc FZ-F1 and FZS-F1 motorcycles, with a pricing cap set at Rs. 99,200 and Rs. 1,02,700 respectively. Yamaha also plans to launch two-wheelers with 150CC bikes and BS-VI compliance in the near future.

In January 2019, Yamaha introduced the new FZ-FI and FZS-FI with ABS in India, shortly after the roll-out of their brand campaign ‘The Call of the Blue.’ Both bikes are powered by the Blue Core engine, which generates a maximum power of 12.4 PS and torque of 13.6 Nm. The bikes come with a single-channel ABS with front and rear disc brakes, an LCD cluster, and a two-level seat. The bikes are available in various colors, including Dark Knight, Metallic Red, Matt Black, Dark Matt Blue, and Gray and Cyan Blue, with a price range of Rs. 1,01,200 up to Rs. 1,02,700 (Ex-Showroom).

Yamaha Motor India Group of Companies has announced that the new BS-VI compliant FZ-F1 and FZS-F1 motorcycles will be available at all Yamaha showrooms starting from November. The FZ series is an iconic brand and has gained significant popularity in the Indian market. Yamaha is also planning to launch more models with BS-VI variants in the deluxe class two-wheeler category.

Specs of Brand New Yamaha FZ-F1 and FZS-F1:

1)Super Responsive Roadster

Equipped with the Bosch Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), the front disc brake on the FZ-F1 and FZS-F1 motorcycles provides superior braking performance by ensuring enhanced stability and control at all speeds. In addition to this, the rear disc brake further enhances the already impressive legacy of the FZ braking system.

2)149cc Powerful FI Engine

The new FZ-F1 and FZS-FI models are powered by an air-cooled 4-stroke 149cc SOHC, 2-valve, single-cylinder fuel-injected “BLUE CORE” engine. The engine’s settings have been optimized to deliver superior acceleration from stops and provide an exhilarating feeling while overtaking. The fuel injection system’s ignition timing and injection maps have been completely revamped to ensure that riders experience a good sense of acceleration while enjoying the laidback, upright riding position of the motorcycles.

3)Negative LCD Instrument Cluster

The Negative LCD instrument cluster panel on the new FZ-F1 and FZS-FI motorcycles features improved lettering and lighting. With a black background and white lettering, it houses a digital speedometer, bar-style tachometer, and fuel gauge, which are always displayed. Additionally, the panel features an ABS warning lamp, while the rider can choose to display other information such as the odometer, trip meters, clock, and more. To promote more fuel-efficient riding, there is also an ECO indicator on the panel.

4)Comfortable Two-Level Seat

The FZ-F1 and FZS-F1 motorcycles feature excellent two-level seats that provide riders with a comfortable and relaxed riding position. The cushioning material has been designed to provide a suitable degree of firmness, and it is paired with a seat material that offers a superb fit, providing both the rider and pillion rider with a steady and comfortable ride. The pillion seat is particularly noteworthy, as it boasts a 16% larger seating surface area, is 26 mm wider in the hip area, and is 5 mm thicker for added comfort.

5)LED Headlight

The FZ-F1 and FZS-F1 motorcycles come equipped with brand new LED headlights that provide excellent visibility in a wide range of conditions. The headlights feature an ideal light projection and very little unevenness, which ensures a clear view of the road ahead. Additionally, the separate bulbs for high and low beams allow for improved visibility and safety while riding at night.

6)Under Cowl

The design of the FZ-F1 and FZS-F1 motorcycles has been optimized to reduce mud and dirt splatter, thereby ensuring a cleaner and more enjoyable ride for the rider and pillion rider.

7)Chrome Duct Plating

The premium design of the FZ-F1 and FZS-F1 motorcycles creates an exclusive image that enhances their street presence. The attention to detail and sleek aesthetics of these bikes make them stand out and exude a premium feel, which further adds to their appeal.

8)140mm wide radial tyres

The FZ-F1 and FZS-F1 motorcycles are equipped with a 100/80-17 front and a 140/60-17 radial tyre at the rear, which offer low rolling resistance and excellent grip. This combination not only provides a smooth and comfortable ride but also delivers great fuel economy, making them an ideal choice for riders who prioritize performance and efficiency.

9)Monocross Suspension 

The rear suspension of the FZ-F1 and FZS-F1 is a lightweight Monocross suspension unit that provides excellent shock-absorbing performance and stability during braking. It also contributes to mass centralization and is tuned to provide 120mm of wheel travel.

10)Advanced Midship Muffler Cover

The FZ-F1 and FZS-F1 bikes feature an amidship muffler that offers benefits such as mass concentration, weight reduction, and shorter length. The newly designed muffler protector not only adds to the overall sharpness of the bike’s appearance but also provides additional protection for the muffler.