Amsterdam is home to all of these – businessmen, tourists, expats, students, etc. This city with its mellowed vibe attracts one and all. The convenience of working in English and softer rules for tourism make it an exceptionally delightful place for the global citizens and also for those who come here for cross-border businesses. The Dutch homes, their renovation styles, and the fact that they are old yet sturdy and beautiful can leave any curious person asking more about them. Here is an overview of various types of Dutch houses so that you can know about them and choose what suits your requirements.

a. Apartments: Modern day representative of housing, the apartments in Amsterdam are self-contained in every sense. These may come with a heftier price tag, but renting them is certainly a better option if you want privacy and home-like environment while your stay in this city. Apartments are mostly fully-furnished, neatly renovated and well-maintained. And you can pick them according to the area or simply on the basis of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Expats moving in with family should give these apartments a serious thought if the budget is not an issue with them.

b. Shared rooms and houses: Your way of living in Amsterdam depends largely upon the purpose of coming to this city. If only tourism is the purpose, you may consider living in groups and sharing rental rooms with group you are a part of. Some houses are also available on sharable basis and are used as service apartments by the companies to provide accommodation to the people coming here for assignment or short term job.

c. Landlord Hosting: If you are not hassled by the rules of any family, this option is good for considering. As a student, not only you need bothering about food and space, you get a family environment waiting for you at the end of the day. Homeowners put a part of the house or a room on rent for generating extra income here. So, landlord hosting works great for tight budget yet safe living.

d. Anti-squatting: Truly an adventure’s delight and thinkable option for people who are fully flexible in their way of living. Any empty space like an abandoned house or office etc can be put forth to the needy for temporary living by agents with whom such properties are enlisted with. The occupants need to be ready to move out any point of the time; however, mostly the notice period of 28 days is conveyed to the occupants in advance.

e. Short stay apartments: Businessmen and students, who come to Amsterdam for short stay of say, a few weeks, can put up at the short stay apartments. These apartments come with all essential and luxurious amenities as per their price tag and the staff is well-trained to take care of the needs of the guests.

So, make a choice about house while planning a trip to Amsterdam taking cues from the pointers above and have a really nice time at this marvellous city.