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Check the cheapest days to fly out

A lot of airline websites have made it easier to spot the cheap days to fly. Look out for 'calendar view' Try skyscanner

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Check which locations are on offer

Remember that peak season won 't necessarily be peak season elsewhere in the world. Prices vary depending on where you ' re flying to.

Use flight price search engines

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Try using sites such as google flights to look for a good deal on a bundle (flights and a hotel, for example). Do this before checking airline websites to see if it works out cheaper to book separately

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Go incognito when booking flights

Flight prices fluctuate depending on demand. Airlines use data on how many people are searching for, and buying, tickets to work out how to price them.

Pay for flights with a credit card

Credit Cards can offer some protection when you make larger purchases. If you spend over $100 on a flight, you'll be protected if the airline or travel company goes bust.

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Book your flights and accommondation together

Book a package holiday and you're likely to get discounts on flights as well as accommodation.