Get and Idea about AI chatbot Backed By Google

Google has indroduced a new experimental AI chatbot named "Bard"

Unique Features

Bard is introduced to counter the most popular AI based chotbot Chat GPT by open AI 

Bard is an experimental conversational AI service based on Google's Language Model for Dialogue Applications

Google Bard is able to give answers in terms simple enough for a 9 year old child to understand.

Bard is able to explain more complex topics like tips on planning a party or lunch ideas left over food in your fridge.

Google will also use AI to get to the heart of what people are looking for through its database.

Bard is available to a group of testers before being widely released.

Sunder Pichai Google CEO made big announced Bard AI less than two weeks after Microsoft said it is pouring billions of dollars into OpenAI

Now the Two tech giants gonna battle over the technology known as generative AI