“A Diamond is forever” – the saying definitely holds true but what when you are in a serious financial crunch, and these sparkling little beauties are sitting idle in your jewelry box? So if you are finding it hard to bear the expenses of your new business or it is becoming difficult to pay the maintenance of your luxurious apartment, selling your old and unused jewelry is a good solution. Besides necessity, selling old jewelry for profits has also become a recent trend among people. So if you have some old jewelry pieces that you don’t wear often or if your wedding ring makes you remember your unsuccessful marriage, then it is time to get rid of these gems and diamonds and get some hard cash.

Below listed are some important and useful tips to get the best deal on your jewelry pieces.

  1. Know what you have:

The first and the most important thing is to really know what you have. It is not necessary that the price quoted by your grandmom about your diamond ring matches with present-day prices. It might not be that valuable as quoted. Thus you need to first get your piece checked by a genuine appraiser for its authenticity, condition purity, and price. You can even consult two or three appraisers to get an unbiased opinion.

  • Set up realistic expectation and price:

Now once you are well aware of the actual condition of your jewelry piece, the next step is to set up realistic expectations and prices in mind. Setting up too high a price will lead to nothing more than disappointment. Know the current market rate of jewelry and then after analyzing the positives and negatives associated with your piece, set up a realistic price range in mind. Always remember that anyone buying your jewelry will be either buying it for profit or when they are getting a good deal. If you are quoting prices equivalent to new jewelry, nobody is going to buy.

  • Prepare your piece for sale:

The next step is to prepare your pieces for sale. Good-looking, clean pieces will definitely fetch you better prices than those which have been lying in your locker for years. You can either clean your jewelry at home or can even take professional help.

  • Search for selling options:

Now when you have finally made up your mind on selling your jewelry pieces, the next step is to look out for the source where you get the best possible price. Though Gold buyers and pawn shops are popular and common places to sell jewelry with the advancement in technology more and more people are also relying on online selling portals. There are many reputed and known online sellers who offer the best prices for your gems, diamonds, and other jewelry pieces. You can approach one of these online sellers from the comfort of your home and get the best price for your tiffany engagement ring. You can get quotes from different sellers and then select the one offering the best price. Finally, be mentally and emotionally ready to part with your long-held favorite ring and pieces of jewelry.