If you’re an Indian citizen with a valid passport, then there are some countries where you can travel visa- free or visa on arrival. These are countries that have signed the Regional Passport Program (RPP) and have been accepted into it:


Mauritius is a popular tourist destination, and it’s easy to see why. The island nation boasts stunning beaches and beautiful scenery that have been featured in many travel magazines.

You can travel to Mauritius for up to 90 days without a visa—but if you’re an Indian citizen and want to extend your stay beyond this time, then you will need to apply for an extension from within the country before leaving again. To do so, simply visit any government office with your passport as proof of nationality (and remember: no photocopies)..

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Nepal is a great place for you to visit. The people are friendly, the scenery is beautiful and the food is amazing! You can hike the Himalayas or go on a jeep safari or visit a monastery.

Website: https://ntb.gov.np/

Places to see: Durbar Square in Kathmandu and Phewa Taal in Pokhara

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Jamaica is a visa-free country for Indian nationals with a valid passport. You can get there by air, sea or land.

  • By Air: There are no direct flights from India to Jamaica but you can fly to London and then connect to the island via an onward flight from there. This route takes about 18 hours of flying time which is quite long but worth it if you want to explore more than just the capital city of Kingston!
  • By Sea: You can also fly into Montego Bay, which is located on the southern tip of Jamaica; however, if you’re looking for something exciting then I would recommend taking a cruise down through this beautiful part of the world! The ride takes about 2 days and includes stops at some beautiful beaches along way as well as other places such as Dunn’s River Falls where tourists come together each year during June/July when temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit).

Website: https://www.visitjamaica.com/

Places to see: Dunn’s River Falls & Park

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Fiji is one of the best countries to visit if you want to go scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing. The main island is Viti Levu, which has lots of resorts and hotels on it.

Fiji is also a beautiful country with lots of things to do: hiking, boating and horse-riding are just some examples!

Website: https://www.fiji.travel/

Places to see: Bouma National Heritage Park, Taveuni Island and Denarau Island

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The Seychelles is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. The country has a population of about 90,000 people and an area of 246 sq km (93 sq mi). It consists of 115 islands, with the capital city Victoria on Mahé Island (Mahé).

Website: https://tourism.gov.sc/

Places to see: Mahe Island and Saint-Anne Marine National Park

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Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a Caribbean country. It’s located in the eastern part of the South American continent, south of Venezuela and north of Brazil. The country has a population of 1.3 million people and is an archipelagic state with 565 islands that make up its territory—the largest being Trinidad (population 319,000).

Trinidad and Tobago joined FIFA as an associate member in 1952; they became full members in 1966 when they hosted their first World Cup qualifier match between Colombia and Venezuela at King’s Park Stadium in Port-of-Spain on September 8th 1963!

Website: https://visittrinidad.tt/
Places to see: Maracas Bay and Asa Wright Nature Centre & Lodge

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You can travel to these places without applying for a visa.

You can travel to these places without applying for a visa.

  • Aruba: A passport holder of any nationality can visit Aruba without having to apply for a visa.
  • Bahamas: Passport holders of Indian origin need not apply for visas when traveling to the Bahamas in their own country or on returning home from there. They are allowed into any country as long as they are citizens of that particular nation, except if they’re taking up residence with someone else who has been granted permission by immigration authorities (this process takes around 30 days).


Bhutan is a landlocked country in South Asia. It’s small and mountainous, with an area of about 38,000 square miles (982,800 square km). The capital city is Thimphu; other major towns include Punakha and Phuntsholing.

Bhutan has a population of about 730,000 people—one-third ethnic Nepalese and one-third ethnic Tibetans—and an economy that relies heavily on tourism revenue. As such, there are no restrictions on either tourists or foreign nationals traveling here without visas. You can stay for up to 30 days at most hotels in Bhutan without any issues getting your visa stamped into your passport.

Website: https://www.tourism.gov.bt/
Places to see: Buddha Dordenma Statue and The Buddhist site of Paro Taktsang
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Haiti is a Caribbean country and the least populous nation in the Western Hemisphere (with about 10 million inhabitants). It’s also home to the second-largest population of people of African descent after Nigeria. The French-speaking majority makes Haiti one of only two Francophone nations on earth; it also has English as an official language alongside French.

Haiti is an island country surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea on all sides except its northern border with Brazil. It’s located along the island chain known as Hispaniola—a name that means “the land where they speak Spanish.” The capital city is Port-au-Prince; other major cities include Cap Haitien and Jacmel.

Website: https://visithaiti.com/
Places to see: Citadelle Laferrière and National Pantheon Museum 
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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a visa-free destination for Indian passport holders. It is a great place to visit and you will find many things here that you will enjoy.

Hong Kong is also a major financial hub, so if you are looking for an opportunity to make some money while traveling, this city should be on your list of places to visit.

There are many shopping malls in Hong Kong where people can spend their hard-earned money on products from different countries around the world!

Website: https://www.discoverhongkong.com
Places to see: Hong Kong Disneyland and Tian Tan Buddha or The Big Buddha Statue  
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If you are looking for a place where you can visit, Singapore is a great choice. It has many attractions and things to do. The country is also known as one of the most expensive places on earth.

A lot of people have been visiting this country because they want to get some work done or they want to relax after their busy days at work or school.

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These are countries you can travel to without getting a visa.

Mauritius: Non-refundable fee of USD 50 per person and you have to stay there for at least 14 days or longer if it’s an extension. You will be considered as tourist only in this case.

Nepal: You don’t need any documents or passport but only your valid Indian passport which needs a visa on arrival if your purpose of visit is tourism related activities like sightseeing, shopping etc., else if any other purpose then there is no need for any document except Indian Passport and Visa Application Form available from Airport Immigration Department (AID). They need 10 days prior notice by post mail so that they can process the application before your arrival date at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

According to recent passport index status Indian passport is eligible – VISA free 24 countries, VISA on arrival 49 countries, and VISA required 125 countries.


The list of countries you can travel to without getting a visa is growing. The government is encouraging people to visit these destinations and experience the culture of different countries in the world.


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